5 Benefits of using mockups in your biz

5 Benefits of using mockups in your biz
Written by: Jo Petzer
Category: Design Tips
There are multiple ways to use mockups in your business, all of them beneficial. But you get ‘mockups’ and you get mockups. I’ve seen some terrible mockups that are clearly ‘home made’ - so before you even consider using a mockup for your products, make sure that they are high quality and are going to make your business look great, not the opposite.

5 Benefits of using mockups in your biz

A quick summary of what a mockup is.
A mockup is a rendition or a ‘how it would look in real life’ version of your product or design. There are numerous benefits to using mockups. Here are some of them.

1. To show your clients how their design will look.

Clients often lack imagination and can’t ‘see’ in their heads how the design you’ve just spent hours perfecting for them will look in ‘real life’. Let’s say you’ve just created a stunning business card design for a succulent specialist, but your client isn’t 100% convinced that they love it. Showing them their business card in a mockup that aligns with their brand look and feel will help them imagine it ‘in action’ to understand your vision. A mockup that aligns with their brand would include maybe a succulent plant or two, and earthy tones. Maybe you’ve also designed a letterhead for the same customer but they can’t visualize how it will work with their business card. A mockup including both a business card and letterhead, also incorporating elements relative to their niche will help them to see how their stationery would work.

Similarly, any design you want to present to your clients in a professional way to help them understand the end application, will benefit by being displayed in a mockup format.

2. To sell your designs online

If you’re a designer creating non-customized graphics to a large audience, using mockups to showcase your designs will help your buyers imagine how those designs can be used. Designs for t-shirts or mugs are good examples that would benefit by being displayed in a mockup to help sell them. Uploading a design on its own to your shop will mean a lot more to buyers if they can see how it would look on a particular object.

It’s also proven that products with the best looking images sell more than those with dull images.

3. To save time and money on printing and photoshoots

Having photographs taken of items that your designs have been printed on can be costly. Not only will you have to pay for printing, you’ll also have to pay a photographer to shoot the products if you want a professional end-result. And those processes also take time: waiting for the printing, and then booking a photographer and waiting for your images. It can take weeks.

I know that some t-shirt designers still print just one t-shirt to take photos from and then spend ages trying to edit the photos so they look neat and have a white background. This costs money and wastes a lot of time.

A good mockup can produce images instantly – as soon as your design is ready. Instead of spending money unnecessarily on printing or photographing, displaying your designs using a mockup will allow clients to pre-order straight away without costing you unnecessary manufacturing expenses. This works well for packaged products like boxes, bags, or bottles, but also for clothing items, books and stationery.

4. To have consistent display graphics across your brand

It’s proven that brand consistency helps clients remember your products better, and also to remember them quickly and easily in a busy feed. It also helps your preferred audience to connect with your brand in a meaningful way.

Dynamic editable mockups allow you to customize brand colors, and to add objects that characterize your brand personality to help keep your images consistent. Objects in a single mockup can be moved and rearranged to create multiple versions of similar designs. Resizing mockups is also quick and easy so you can create multiple versions to use across numerous platforms. In other words, you could use the same mockup across an Instagram post, Facebook post and/or banner, Pinterest Pin, shop image, advert, emailer, blog post, and website banner.

5. In your portfolio

If you’re looking to build an appealing and professional portfolio to showcase your designs, mockups are a really effective way to do this. Not only do they look attractive, but they go a long way to showing potential new clients how your designs can be used in a variety of ways.

How could you use mockups to enhance your business? Tell us your ideas in the comments.

Remember to use #madewithmockupscene when you share your designs so I can reshare them.

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