MockupScene’s dynamic mockup templates are the closest thing you’ll find to PhotoShop mockups for Canva.

I’ve chosen Canva as the platform for my templates because there are plenty of PhotoShop mockups already available for users, but very few (if any) for Canva that work in a similar way to PhotoShop.


Mockups have a central feature surface (e.g. a notebook, picture frame, tshirt) with up to 3 supporting objects. These are included to create interest and to help draw the viewer’s eye to the main feature: your design.

Each of my mockups is dynamic, which means that you can move and reposition each of the supporting objects, as well as the mockup surface itself. The supporting objects can be removed to a new page if you prefer an isolated surface to display your work. In many of the templates the individual objects themselves are colour-editable, allowing you to customise designs to your brand palette. Please read the specs of each product to see which are colour-editable if this is a property you’re looking for specifically.

All my mockups are perfectly geometrical shapes (top, or front-view) with parallel edges. None of them are from oblique angles. This ensures an easy-to-create and realistic end product for your designs, but also because Canva doesn’t have a perspective tool that allows you to distort or curve images. 

My mockups are perfect to showcase your designs, drawings, or art in a unique way, especially when you need something done in a hurry. There are 3 different types of mockup templates as follows.


  • Drag and drop: place your design directly on top of the mockup surface.
  • Drag and clip: your design is clipped into a standard Canva frame.
  • Full-coverage underlay: your full-coverage design (e.g. photo or pattern) is sent behind a locked custom-created frame that makes it appear as if the design fills the entire object surface. Sometimes these mockups will also include additional dynamic elements.


Unlike mockups, scenes don’t have a central feature graphic, although you can always add one if you want. My Scenes are digital ‘snapshots’ of a moment in time that you can use to tell a visual story. Like mockups, scenes are also dynamic and composed of separate PNG objects that you can move around, flip, rotate, stack or duplicate. All objects are photographed from the same angle and in the same lighting so they work together consistently. And each object has a separate shadow that can be edited individually (darkened, lightened, blurred, tinted) and moved according to the light source of your design.

Some of the objects in my Scenes are colour editable, depending on the object. Items like plants or leaves, and some food items aren’t colour editable because in real life you won’t find them in other colours.

Use my scenes for Canva as-is, or customise them by changing the colours of objects to suit your brand, rearrange them to create new layouts, copy and paste images from other scenes, or add images from a Scene Creator.

Scenes are perfect to use for web or social media banners, social posts, quote posts, hero graphics, or to create a look and feel in any design you’re creating. All of my scenes are top-view (flat lay) to help bring your audience right into your design and to ensure greater realism in the final image. 

Scene creators

Scene creators are bundles of 15 to 20 high resolution transparent PNG objects that you can add to any of my Mockups or Scenes; or create your own new designs with. Scene Creators do not include any Canva templates. When you buy a Scene Creator you’ll get a Zip file containing the images, their individual shadows, and a PDF with usage tips and license terms.

Scene creator objects are not limited to use in Canva and can be used in any PNG supporting program (ie. Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, PicMonkey, PowerPoint, etc).



Elements are individual objects that can be purchased singly to use in Canva or other programs. They include objects like: single transparent PNGs, backgrounds, SVG drawings, SVG backgrounds.



If you visit the learn tab up top, you’ll find articles on how to make the most of my products, as well as useful Canva tips, featured products, behind the scenes videos, and fun challenges to try. I try to add useful articles whenever I can, time permitting.



Everybody loves a freebie. I’m sure you do to! My freebies are to say thank you for your support, but also to give you a chance to try out some products before you commit to purchasing anything. To access my freebies you’ll need to open a free account. Then just go along to my freebies page, choose the one you want and ‘purchase’ it. No money will be deducted but you’ll be able to download the product and access the license that comes with it. Freebies have the same license terms as paid products. All the freebies you’ve downloaded will remain in your account under your ‘downloads’, so you can access or download them again at any time.



I have a mailing list. You might want to be on it to get notifications of new products, articles, freebies, or promo vouchers. It’s not one of those mailing lists where I’ll bombard you with salesy nonsense (no one has time for that). It’s really just to keep you updated on my stuff. When you hit the subscribe button down below, you’ll be given an option to select the things you’re most interested in so that I can only send you info on your favourite things!


 All my photographed objects and elements are original

Every single object in my Mockup and Scene templates, and in my Scene Creators has been photographed and edited by me. They are not Canva objects but copyright to MockupScene. This means that any design you create with my templates or scene creators will be unique and not already being used by thousands of other designers.

In addition, each transparent PNG has had the background carefully removed (deep-etched) with a clipping path. I don’t use an automated process to remove backgrounds because this can leave a jagged line, doesn’t always remove everything, and also doesn’t allow me to make sections of an image more transparent than others (e.g. a pair of glasses need to have a solid frame and transparent glass section). The result of using this method is a high-quality end product that will ensure your design looks realistic and prints out well.

SVG elements have also been custom created by me for you to use. You won’t find them being sold by anyone else.

Who am I?


My name is Jo and I’m a graphic designer living in South Africa. I’ve been freelancing since 1997, specialising in Logo development, branding, book design and product photography. I’ve been selling scene creator bundles on Creative Market since 2016. During 2018, I started getting requests from clients to have their designs supplied in Canva so they could edit them. Many of these designs were dynamic mockups and scenes for social media posts, ebooks, and web graphics.

Since the CoViD epidemic of 2020 and the surge in online business, there’s been an increasing demand for Canva designs that work in a similar way to PhotoShop and I hope that my mockups and scenes will help satisfy this demand and give you the tools to create beautiful, realistic mockups and designs for your own business.

Design is my passion and sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to eat, sleep and move so that I could spend every moment designing. There are other things I enjoy, though (haha). When I’m not glued to my desk designing, I love going for long walks with my hubby, playing catch in the garden with our crazy cats, or belting out some Bach fugues at the piano. I also enjoy a bit of drawing on my iPad (I’m sure you’ll see some of those in my Elements).

I hope you get hours of joy out of using my products. If you have any requests for specific mockups, scenes, scene creators, or elements you’d like me to consider creating, please email your ideas to

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