Use Canva like a Photoshop pro

Canva Mockups that work like Photoshop are unique, fully-editable, high-quality products to showcase your designs and creative projects. Featuring custom-created container frames with visible texture for realistic brand and product display.

Save time and frustration with Canva Mockups that work like Photoshop and are quick and easy to use. They’re ideal for displaying your patterns, drawings, digital art, company stationery, branding, packaging, devices, photos, apparel, fabric, and textile designs.

My dynamic templates for Canva mimic the way mockups work in Photoshop which means that photographed objects are high resolution, color-editable, layered and moveable, with custom-created clip frames and separate editable shadows. They enable you to use Canva (Free or Pro) for Desktop in a similar way to Photoshop, without having to actually use Photoshop or another 3rd party application, giving you infinite options when it comes to creating multiple mockups – right inside Canva.

High quality images

All objects in my mockup templates and scene creators are high resolution (300dpi) for best quality online or at print. Zoom in to the product images to see what this means. All objects are original photographs that work coherently together.

Custom clip frames

Objects have custom-created Canva clip frames that retain the underlying object texture and shadows. This makes is super easy to drag-and-drop your design straight into the mockups for a realistic end-result.

Transparent backgrounds

Each object is a transparent PNG that has been manually edited with a clipping path. Edges are super neat and clean with no halos or stray pixels to ensure your designs look as real and professional as possible.


Easily edit individual object layers without ungrouping them. Darken or lighten layers according to your design, palette and background for maximum customization.

Color editable

Many objects have an additional layer that allows you to customize the colours in a single click to match your brand and create a unique end-product. All custom clip frames for Canva are colour-editable.

Editable shadows

Each object has a separate editable shadow that can be lightened, darkened, moved or blurred further using Canva’s on-board tools, helping you produce a more realistic end-result..


Every object in my Canva mockups is separate and moveable. This allows you to create infinite arrangements and variations from just one mockup or scene to keep your designs fresh and original. Just duplicate your design and rearrange it to create a whole new layout.

Easy to use

All mockups are Canva templates. Most actions are one-click. Open the template, add your design, change colours, download in your preferred format and share. Add your own background and props or choose props from my scene creator bundles.

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