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MockupScene’s dynamic mockup templates are the closest thing you’ll find to PhotoShop mockups for Canva.

I’ve chosen Canva as the platform for my mockup templates and not Photoshop because there are already plenty of Photoshop mockups available for designers, but none for Canva users that work in like Photoshop. You’ll find that this style of mockup design for Canva is unique to MockupScene.

The face behind MockupScene


My name is Jo Petzer and I’m a South African graphic designer. I’ve been freelancing since 1997, specialising in Logo development, branding, book design and product photography.

Design is my passion and sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to eat, sleep and move so that I could spend every moment designing. When I’m not glued to my Mac, I love going for long walks with my hubby, playing catch in the garden with our crazy cats, or belting out some Bach fugues at the piano. I also enjoy a bit of drawing on my iPad, some of which you’ll find in my Elements section.

I’ve been selling digital products successfully on Creative Market since 2016, and on Design Bundles since 2017, so am no stranger to this field of work. In 2020 I decided to take the leap and set up my own online shop specializing in mockups for Canva and other unique design assets.

I hope you get hours of valuable use out of my products. If you have any requests for specific mockups, scene creators, or elements you’d like me to consider creating, please email your ideas to

What is Mockup Scene all about?

Mockup Scene was created to try and help designers of all skill levels produce graphics that are professional, of a high quality, but also quick and easy to use. My mockups are ideal for the following niches:

  • Canva graphic designers who want to showcase their design work for their portfolios, websites, or social media channels quickly and easily.
  • Surface-pattern designers looking for a way to show their buyers how their finished products will look in real life by displaying them using mockup templates.
  • Small-business owners looking for a way to create mockups to help them sell their products without investing in Photoshop or having to hire a designer.

Because my mockups are in Canva, they can be used by anyone with a free (or pro) Canva account, with little or no knowledge of design. 

In addition to my mockup and scene creator assets for designers, I also share tips and advice on graphic design in general and branding in particular to help you improve your skills. Please visit the Learn section of my website to read articles I’ve written.

Below is an outline of my products, what they are and how they can benefit you.


Why Canva and not Photoshop?

There are literally thousands of mockups available for Photoshop but none at all for Canva, which leaves a gap in Canva’s functionality in this area. SmartMockups is an alternative but doesn’t allow for the same scope and range of customization that Photoshop does.

Canva ‘blew up’ during the 2020 pandemic with so many people losing their jobs and being forced to work from home, and small businesses not being able to afford to hire designers for the items they needed. Ecommerce also exploded creating a need for ‘quick and easy’ product mockups and social media graphics.

I also saw how so many small biz owners were struggling to get noticed online and be taken seriously, not helped by their lack of design knowledge. This was when I decided to come up with a type of Canva template that would fill the need for proper, customizable mockups right in Canva without having to rely on an outside app.

The main benefit of using Canva over Photoshop is that it has a much smaller learning curve, whereas Photoshop requires a lot more design and pre-press knowledge to use it properly. Canva is also free to use but Photoshop is not.


Canva Mockup Templates

The outstanding feature of my mockups is their custom frames and the way that underlying object surfaces remain visible through your art or design. My Canvas mockup templates are created specifically to make it super easy for you to add your designs to object surfaces and to create fully customized mockups instead of just using the same mockups that everyone else is using.

There are no other similar mockups available for Canva, that work in the same way.

Each of my mockups is dynamic, which means that you can move and reposition each objects. There are a few different ways to use them.

  1. Drag and drop your art or design straight into the custom clip frames.
  2. Make the custom clip frames a solid color and overlay your text or vector design onto it.
  3. Combine 1 and 2 above.

Each template contains useful notes on how to use them with some extra tips and suggestions thrown in. Please read these to make the most of your purchases.

All my Canva mockups are front-view layouts. This is because Canva doesn’t support perspective distortion (at the time of writing).

Once you’ve downloaded one of my Canva mockup templates, you can either work straight in the template, copy and paste the mockup objects into your own design, or import entire pages from the template into your Canva document. If you work in the original template and make a mistake or delete something by accident, go back to the PDF license document to re-access the original file.

Scene creator Bundles

My Scene Creator bundles are sets of high resolution transparent PNG objects that you can add to any of my Mockups or Scenes; or add to other designs. Scene Creators do not include any Canva templates. When you buy a Scene Creator you’ll get a Zip file containing the images and a PDF with usage tips and license terms.

Some of scene creator bundles come with separate object shadows. Others have shadows already added. Make sure you take note of this before you purchase.

Scene creator objects are not limited to use in Canva and can be used in any PNG supporting program (ie. Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, PicMonkey, PowerPoint, IG stories, etc).


These are individual objects or object bundles usually consisting of PNG or SVG (vector) drawings, backgrounds, textures, or overlays. Most often they are drawings of the same objects you’ll find in my Scene Creator Bundles and usually come in full color and outline versions. 

All my SVG elements are color-editable in Canva and ideal to add to your designs, or even build a logo or composite piece of artwork with. They can be added to my mockup templates or used in your own designs. 

$5 Samplers

Maybe you want to try out my Mockups but aren’t sure if you’ll like them enough to invest the 20-odd dollars just yet. Enter $5 samplers. These are single mockups from some of my most popular bundles that you can grab to try out without spending a fortune. 


Freebies are temporary so if you see one you want then get it straight away. Each of my freebies turn into a paid product after 40 downloads. Freebies come with a personal license only. If you want to find out about my freebies first then make sure you subscribe to my emails to be notified before they go public.


When you visit the learn tab up top, you’ll find articles on how to make the most of my products, as well as useful design tips and fun challenges to try. I try to add useful articles whenever I can, time permitting. Visit my Instagram account for demo videos. 

100% original

Every single object in my Mockup and Scene templates, and in my Scene Creators has been photographed and edited by me. They are not Canva objects but unique to MockupScene and not already being used by thousands of other designers. Many mockups are made of digitally drawn objects for best quality and control during creation.

In addition, each transparent PNG has had the background carefully removed (deep-etched) with a clipping path. I don’t use an automated process to remove backgrounds because this can leave a jagged line, doesn’t always remove everything, and also doesn’t allow me to create selective edits or custom clip frames. The result of using this method is a high-quality end product that will ensure your design looks realistic and prints out well.

SVG elements have also been custom created by me for you to use. You won’t find them being sold by anyone else.

Follow me on Instagram to stay updated on new products and Canva tips.


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