By purchasing, downloading or using any MockupScene product, you are bound by the following license terms.

The license for any MockupScene product is between you (the buyer) and Mockup Scene (the seller).

This license gives you the right to use your purchased MockupScene product in the manner outlined by the category of your license: Personal, Commercial, or Extended Commercial.

Reselling and/or sharing of Mockup Scene products

1. None of the public licenses offered by me or any of the platforms I sell my MockupScene Canva templates on, permit reselling or resharing of MockupScene Canva templates or any parts of the templates.

2. You are not permitted to reshare the original Canva template link, or a new link you’ve made from your own copy of the template.

3. Do not sub-license, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise redistribute the product on its own (including for free), even if you change it.

4. No importing of mockups or any parts of the Canva templates into other programs for editing.

5. No reselling of blank flattened mockup end-files that can be re-used as mockups.

6. Purchasing a Commercial or Extended Commercial license does not grant you reselling rights.


You are not required to attribute Mockup Scene for use of purchased templates.

You are also not permitted to credit yourself as the originator of any MockupScene product.

Canva Affiliation

MockupScene is in no way affiliated to Canva and Canva will not be liable for any problems arising from the creation (or purchase) of a third-party template. Correspondingly, MockupScene will not be held liable for any Canva faults or bugs that cause the improper function of your purchased template or any parts thereof.


The copyright of each individual object in any of the MockupScene products is solely designated to Jo Petzer with the exception of free Canva elements that may be used in premade scenes. No copyright license is issued with purchase.

If you are unsure of any usage rights, please contact me at for clarification.

Please read through the license types below to understand how the template/s you’ve purchased may be used.


You may create unlimited end-file mockups (JPG/PNG) to showcase your patterns and designs as end-files for your own use only. End-file images can be shared on your personal social media accounts. Not for use to sell your products. No sharing or reselling whatsoever.


You may create unlimited end-file mockups (JPG/PNG) using your patterns and designs to showcase in your online shop or business social profiles. You  may create end-file mockups (JPG/PNG/PDF) of your patterns and designs to display in your printed or online flyer, catalogue, brochure, or emailer. No sharing or selling of the mockup or any of its parts even in new Canva templates.


You may create end-file mockups (JPG/PNG/PDF) for your clients. You are permitted to sell the end files to your clients for displaying their brand assets. For example, if you design a book cover for your client, you can use the book mockup to display their covers and sell them an end file mockup that they can upload to their website or Amazon profile for their book. No sharing or selling of the mockup or any of its parts  even in new Canva templates.

Official Mockup Scene shops and license options

Official website (this site):

All paid purchases grant a Personal and Commercial License. Free products grant a Personal License only.

Creative Market:

Offers a Personal, Commercial, and Extended Commercial License.


Any purchase grants a Personal and Commercial License. No Extended Commercial license is offered.

Creative Fabrica:

Purchases grant a Personal and Commercial License. No Extended Commercial License is offered.

Design Bundles:

Their Premium License grants you Personal and Commercial use. Their Corporate License grants you Extended Commercial use.


If you purchased, or have been given free access to any of my mockups from a source other than myself or one of the official MockupScene sites above, please contact me and let me know where you acquired it from so I can take the appropriate legal action.

For further clarity on usage, or if you have any questions, please email me on

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