Answers to all of your questions about our Mockups

Why Canva and not PhotoShop?
There are already plenty dynamic mockups available for PhotoShop but very few for Canva. Not everyone who needs mockups can afford or use PhotoShop. Canva mockups are the next best thing for DIY designers who want high quality mockups and scenes.
How well do I need to know Canva to use your mockups?

You do need to have a good working knowledge of Canva, particularly in regard to the following:

  • Grouping and ungrouping of objects. 
  • Positioning objects in front of and behind each other.
  • Rotating and flipping objects.
  • Moving objects by small degrees using the arrow keys.
  • Changing object colours. 
  • Using the transparency tool.
  • Using the image adjustment tools (brightness, contrast, tint, blur).
  • Copying and pasting objects from one page to another.
  • Downloading your designs in the required format. 
Can I use these in the free version of Canva?

 Yes, absolutely. All images and elements are custom created and don’t belong to Canva. No Canva Pro functionality is needed to use my mockups or scenes. However, you do need to preferably be using the desktop version of Canva for full functionality of templates. Some tools and functions are missing from the app version.

What do I get when I buy a mock-up or scene?
When you purchase a mockup or scene, you’ll receive a PDF file that includes a usage guide, license, and template access link.
Which payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards and PayPal.
Do my downloads expire?
No, they don’t expire. They are always available for you to access from the downloads section in your account.
What are mockups used for?
Mockups are used to showcase your designs, photos or art to help your buyers see how they would look in a real life scene.
What are scenes used for?
Scenes have a wider use than mockups. You can create mockups from scenes or use them to tell a story of your brand. They’re great for social media posts, quote graphics, hero images, banners or printed designs.
What's the different between mockups and scenes?
A mockup is specifically to showcase a piece of design, art, or photography. A scene is a top-view of themed objects that can me rearranged to create new designs. They don’t contain a display surface for your art or design.
What are scene creator bundles?
Scene creator bundles are themed sets of high quality transparent PNG images that you can add to your mockups, scenes, or other designs. Each PNG in a scene creator bundle comes with a separate shadow that can be placed below the object and edited as needed.
How do I use scene creator bundles?
You can use scene creator bundles to add objects to your mockups or scenes, or to create your own layouts from scratch. Objects from scene creator bundles can be used in any of your designs, and in any programs that support PNG files. Use isn’t limited to Canva.
Can I use these to sell my product or service?

Yes, absolutely! Please read my license terms for details and restrictions.

Can I resell designs I make with these?

Yes. You can resell flat (JPG, PNG, PDF) designs that you create with these. You are not permitted to resell Canva templates containing any of my mockups, scenes or scene creator objects.

What if I need a different size?
If you’re using Canva Pro then you can use the resize tool to change your page size, and enlarge/reduce the elements as needed.
If you’re using free Canva, then create a new design the size you want, and copy and paste the entire mockup or scene into your new design. Select all elements and reduce/enlarge them manually. Note that backgrounds don’t copy over like this so you’ll need to reapply backgrounds in your new design.
What do I do if I accidentally delete a page or the elements in a template?
You can use the undo tool. If you delete something permanently then you can go back to the original PDF for the product and download a new template.
Where do you get your objects from?
All of my objects are photographed and edited by me. I don’t use any stock images or images from Canva.
Do you create customised products?
Yes, I do. Please contact me with what you need so that I can quote you.
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