Adjustable Planner Mockups for Canva


These Adjustable Planner Mockups for Canva feature 4 individual mockups to display your planner covers and page designs. The following is a summary of the editing capabilities of this product.

  • Pages are size-editable
  • Inner cover pockets are moveable and can be made bigger or smaller
  • Pocket inserts are moveable and can be replaced with your own items.
  • Side tabs are moveable and colour-editable.
  • Binder housing and rings are separate and colour-editable.
  • Binder rings have a separate drop shadow that can be edited.
  • Stitching will remain visible through your designs.
  • Drop shadow is separate and editable.
  • Includes a secret back pocket with envelope and card.
  • Contains multiple Canva container frames to add your cover or page designs.

Also included are separate pages with just the pocket inserts and tabs.

Please note
Not for Canva beginners. You need a good working knowledge of Canva in order to make the best use of this product, including how to work with layers, moving objects incrementally, drag-select, group-select, and positioning objects forward and backward.

You might prefer this Planner Mockup for Canva which is easier to use.
Or this Happy Planner Canva Mockup.

What you can use this product for

Use this Adjustable Planner Mockup for Canva to display cover and pages for your planners for fun or for sale. Perfect for showcasing your trackers, worksheets, colouring pages, diary pages, journal sheets, recipes, whatever you can think of. Each mockup works like Photoshop. Quick and easy drag and drop of your designs into the custom-created clip frames for a realistic and professional end-product. 100% customizable to your brand or aesthetic.

Promote or launch your planner pages or templates by using these Adjustable Planner Mockups for Canva to display your designs. Create images for your portfolio, shop or social feed in seconds. Show clients how their sheets will look printed in ‘real life’, or how your planner sheets or templates will look when printed.

USAGE TERMS: This mockup bundle is for displaying your cover and page designs for sale. You are NOT permitted to resell the mockups themselves in any format. Do not copy them into new Canva templates for resale either. No selling flattened versions of them as mockups.

How to use this Adjustable Planner Mockup for Canva

Once you download the User PDF, navigate to the last page where you’ll find the license details and also the link to access the Adjustable Planner Mockups template. The link will take you to a single Canva template containing all 4 mockups.

To use the mockups, all you need to do is drag and drop your JPG or PNG (not transparent is best) design straight into the custom-created container frames. Your design will look like it’s been printed on the book cover or pages. Just like it would in a Photoshop mockup.

From there you can add a pattern or texture into the inner cover frames and pockets, enlarge or reduce the pockets, add your own objects to the pockets or just use the shapes included. The stitching of the inner cover and pockets will remain visible through your design.

Edit colours of the binder housing and rings and the closure stud by clicking on each one and selecting your preferred colour from the menu palette options. Edit the binder rings drop shadow by clicking on it and adjusting the transparency.

Enlarge, reduce, move or remove side tabs. Click on a side tab to change its colour from the menu. Overlay text onto the side tabs.

The planner drop shadow is separate and colour editable. Click on it to adjust the transparency or tint.

See the PDF user guide for a summary for use. The Canva file also contains detailed user instructions for each mockup in the page notes.

Once you’ve opened the template it will save in your designs folder. When you open a new design, navigate to the ‘projects’ folder in the left sidebar, find this template (you’ll recognize it by the cover graphic), click on it, then select the page you want to insert into your new design. This way you won’t be editing the original either.

You can customize all surface colors with one click. Drag and drop or clip your design onto the mockup surface of your choice, add your own background color or texture, add objects from any of my Scene Creator bundles to further customize and add interest to your designs. Drop shadows can be edited by selecting just the shadow section of the object and adjusting the tint, blur or opacity. Instructions are included in the download PDF.

Mockups included

The Canva template contains the 4 individual mockups outlined below.

  • Mockup 1: 2 closed front cover options
  • Mockup 2: open with single adjustable page, moveable pockets and separate editable side tabs.
  • Mockup 3: open with single adjustable page, moveable pockets and inserts, and separate editable side tabs.
  • Mockup 4: open with 2 adjustable pages, and separate editable side tabs.

Additional pages …

  • pg 6: 9 different shapes to use as cut-outs or stickers.
  • pg 7: envelope, card and tabs for access in case you delete those in the mockups.

Adjustable Planner Mockups for Canva – Product Features

  • PDF document containing Canva access link.
  • Objects are transparent PNG files with separate, editable shadows.
  • Objects are 300dpi, great quality for print.
  • Clip your cover and page designs into the custom frames, or
  • Click on frames to change the surface colour.
  • Edit colours of tabs and binder,
  • Resize, rotate, layer as needed.
  • Display your cover and page designs professionally.
  • Includes usage and license terms.

Excludes pre-made mockup examples, page or cover designs or scenes shown in the display graphics.
No Photoshop mockup files are included.

Product Specs

Format: PDF containing direct link to the Canva templates.
Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px
DPI: 300
Colours: edit colors of all visible surfaces.
Overlay design: yes
Clip frames for design: yes
File type: Canva template
Moveable objects: yes
Layered: yes
Requirements: Canva free or Pro
Artwork area: variable – page size is adjustable.

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