Gardening Mockups for Canva


Create beautiful, professional nursery, landscaping or garden-themed flatlay graphics for your product or brand with this high-quality set of Gardening Mockups for Canva. They work in Canva Free and Pro versions.

When you download the zip file, you’ll find a PDF document containing instructions on how the templates work, along with 3 Canva template download links and license terms on the last page. The 3 Canva templates have 12 pages, each page containing a different mockup as follows:

  • Square mockup templates (1080 x 1080 px) x 12
  • Horizontal mockup templates (1920 x 1080 px) x 12
  • Vertical mockup templates (1080 x 1920 px) x 12

Each of the 12 Gardening Mockups for Canva contains different objects, all of which can be moved and repositioned so you can create new layouts and designs, or import them into different sized documents. All objects have been photographed by me so are 100% original. None of them are Canva objects. They are high-resolution (300dpi) print quality transparent PNG images.

  • Square mockups work best for Instagram and Facebook posts.
  • Horizontal mockups work best for website banners and cover graphics.
  • Vertical mockups work best for Instagram Stories, Reels or Pinterest pins.

The mockups contain 2 object types:
1. Surfaces that you can overlay your text or vector design onto.
2. Surfaces with frames that you can clip your JPG or PNG design into.

Some of the objects are color editable such as the T-shirt, Picture frame, Coffee cup, and book cover. To change the colors, just click on the object and the color picker will appear in Canva’s toolbar where you can change the colors.

If you’re looking for more gardening objects, check out my Happy Gardener Scene Creator bundle.

How to use this product

When you download this product, you’ll also receive 3 folders containing ready-to-use blank PNG images of each mockup (square, vertical, horizontal).

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Open the accompanying PDF.
  3. Make sure you’re logged into Canva, preferably on a computer.
  4. Once you’ve read the usage info, scroll to the end page and click on the template you want to work with (square, vertical, horizontal).
  5. The template preview will open in your Canva account. Click on the ‘use template’ button to open the template. It will automatically save into your Canva account as a design.
  6. To avoid working in the actual template, I suggest opening a new blank design, then selecting the template from the ‘all your designs’ folder. It will then open all the pages in the template and you can click on the one you want to import into your design, keeping the original template intact. If you do accidentally work in the original template and want to revert to the original version, just open it again from the PDF.
  7. Once you’ve imported the template you want to use, you can add your design, photo, or art, change the template background and rearrange the objects however you like. You can even copy and paste objects from one template to another to create additional layout variations.

Each mockup comes with its own instruction notes and tips on best usage so make sure you read those.

Gardening Mockups for Canva – Product Features

  • Download PDF document contains instructions, license terms, and Canva access links.
  • PNGs are transparent with attached shadows or separate shadows.
  • All PNG objects are 300dpi, actual size, and great quality for print.
  • clip your designs into the frames, or
  • remove frames and overlay your design
  • rearrange objects to create new designs or cross-share objects between templates.
  • resize, flip, rotate, layer as needed.
  • display your brand or designs professionally.

Product specs

Format: Zip file containing PDF with template links, and PNG mockups
Vector: no
File types: Canva file, PNGs of templates
Can be layered: yes
Shadows: some attached, some separate
Compatible: Canva Free or Pro, desktop or mobile

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