Rainbow Gradient Background SVG


This fun 4-colour Rainbow Gradient Background SVG element will add a touch of whimsical fun to your designs. It’s fully-colour editable in Canva, or any other vector-supporting platform or app.

To use it, upload it to your Canva design. When you click on it you’ll see the 4 colour blocks in your Canva toolbar. Each one can be changed to a different colour by clicking on it and selecting the colour you want to use. Duplicate the gradient background, rotate it, change the colours and adjust the transparency for a unique 8-colour gradient background.

Use it to create custom-colour gradient backgrounds, fills, blocks or filters in your designs. Works perfectly as a backdrop to black silhouette elements, digital scrapbooking backgrounds or printable papers to use in journaling projects.

SVG files can be enlarged to any size without losing quality so this element is perfect for your large format printed projects.

Please note that freebies are subject to my standard license terms (enclosed with product).

  • all 4 colors are editable.
  • supplied horizontal, rotate for vertical.
  • can be made transparent and layered.
  • can be used as a photo filter.
  • convert to JPG or PNG for Canva frame clipping.
  • IncludesPDF usage and license terms.

Rainbow Gradient Background SVG Product summary

Format: ZIP file
Dimensions: 6000 x 4000 px
Vector: yes
File type: SVG with PDF license
Colours: 4 x editable
Can be layered: yes
Compatible: Any vector supporting program or app.

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