Shapes and Shadows Toolkit

This shapes and shadows design toolkit has so many handy uses. The SVG shapes are all color editable (supported by Canva). They’re vectors so won’t lose quality when enlarged. The shadows are high quality transparent PNG images corresponding with the shapes but they can also be used separately to give depth to other objects. Shadows come in 2 versions: A shadows are standard ‘close’ shadows. B shadows are more blurred. They can be blurred further if needed. Adjusting the transparency and hue of shadows to match your background will give more realism to your designs. [Excludes PNG photos shown in examples.]


  • color-editable vector SVG files
  • high resolution transparent PNG files
  • resize, angle, rotate as needed.
  • duplicate and layer for a 3D effect.
  • adjust transparency of shapes for translucent designs.
  • adjust shadow transparency, color and blur as needed
  • shadows can also be used behind other PNG objects.
  • Includes PDF usage and license terms.


Format: ZIP file
Dimensions: various
DPI: 300
Vector: Yes
File type: SVG and PNG
Colours: RGB + customizable
Can be layered: yes
Compatible: Any PNG/SVG supporting program or app.

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