Social Tiles Display Mockup for Canva


This mockup template makes it quick and easy to display your Instagram posts as floating tiles. Ideal for social media managers, content creators, graphic designers, or just to get an idea of how the aesthetic of your feed images will look.

Super easy to use: just drag and drop your JPG or PNG images into the ready-to-use grid frames. It literally takes less than 2 minutes to fill all the frames. The template includes 4 pages featuring different shadows.

Page 1: tight, close shadow.
Page 2: lower shadow.
Page 3: lighter, more feathered shadow.
Page 4: same as page 3 but with a feature floating tile.

Tiles can be ungrouped from shadows and the shadows edited further by moving them, darkening or lightening them, adjusting the tint or blur.

  • 4 pages in template
  • Isolated moveable objects.
  • Multiple layers.
  • Separate editable shadows.
  • Drag and drop your design into the post frames.
  • Change background colour and/or texture.

Product summary

Format: PDF containing a direct link to the Canva template.
Dimensions: 6000 x 4000 px
DPI: 300 (shadows)
Colours: background editable
Overlay design: no
Clip frame for design: yes
File type: Canva template
Moveable objects: yes
Layered: yes
Requirements: Canva free or Pro
No. of pages in template: 4

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