Trifold Pamphlet Mockup Set – US Letter


This Trifold Pamphlet Mockup Set for Canva features 24 individual layouts for vertical and horizontal US letter pamphlets. (It should actually be called a ‘bifold pamphlet’ because it has 2 folds not 3. Regardless, everyone refers to it as trifold and that’s what you probably searched for to get here so I’ll stick with that.) Additionally, it includes 8 ready-to-use pre-made mockup scenes to display your pamphlet designs. The images in the pre-made scenes are curated from Canva’s free stock library.

This mockup set includes 24 individual isolated mockup objects with transparent background, ideal for customizing. The mockup objects in the pre-made scenes can be swapped out for different ones. Or you can change the scene backgrounds for others that match your design.

Each mockup has a separate shadow layer that you can make darker or lighter depending on the intensity of your design or background. Some of the mockups have shadow overlays for maximum intensity over your design.

Each mockup has page notes to give you information on how the mockup is built, and guide you through how to use it. With this in mind, make sure you read those, especially if you are fairly new to Canva.

Works best in the desktop version of Canva free or pro.

What can you use this product for?

The simple style of this Trifold Pamphlet mockup set makes it easy to add your horizontal or vertical design, and any text needed for shop or portfolio display. They are designed particularly to make it easy to customize them for your unique product display.

A mockup set like this will enable you to quickly create unique feature images for your online shop that are neat and professional. This will help your product stand out in your  niche.

These mockups will work well for the following design niches:

  • realty
  • hospitality
  • travel
  • education
  • finance
  • medical

NOTE: Bundle excludes pamphlet design shown in the sample images. It includes the curated background images. Adding your own background color or scene, will ensure your mockups are 100% unique and not the same as what everyone else is using.

Usage terms

IMPORTANT: This mockup bundle is for displaying your personal designs or designs for sale. Reselling the mockups in any format is NOT permitted, even if you change them. Copying any part of the mockups into new Canva templates for sale is not permitted either. 

Please read my License Document before you purchase and use this product.

How to use this Trifold Pamphlet Mockup Set for Canva

This Trifold Pamphlet Mockup Set for Canva works best in the desktop version of Canva. Some Canva functions needed to use these mockups aren’t available in the mobile app. Mockup Scene is not liable for problems or losses you have using this mockup in the Canva mobile app.

If the Canva template is large, it’s better to not work in the original template. Instead, copy the mockups you want to use into your new designs from the projects folder to avoid slow processing time or Canva freezing.

Basic Instructions

  1. To start, Download the User PDF then navigate to page 4 where you’ll find the license details and the link to access your mockups. The link will take you to a Canva template containing all 24 mockups and also includes the 8 pre-made ready-to-use mockup scenes.
  2. In order to add your designs, make they are first uploaded to Canva in JPG or PNG format – in the correct size ratio.
  3. Thirdly, copy or import the mockup you want to use into a new Canva design.
  4. After that, drag your JPG/PNG design straight into the custom-created container frames. Your design will look like it’s been printed onto the mockup object. Just like it would in a Photoshop mockup. Any underlying textures will remain visible.
  5. Edit your design inside the frames as needed. To adjust the size of your design inside the frame, double click the frame and grab a corner of your design to make it bigger – or use the rotation toggle to turn it. Canva will automatically size it to fit into the frame. In addition, you can edit frames with underlying textures to be lighter or darker, using the transparency tool, and depending on the intensity of your design, to show more or less of the texture.
  6. Thereafter you can customize the mockup after that by adding your own background color, texture, scene, or digital props.
  7. Lastly, edit drop shadows by clicking on the shadow section of the object and adjusting the transparency, tint, blur or opacity. You may have to zoom in to do this if the shadow is very close to the mockup object. This is best done after you’ve added your designs to the frames and set your background colour/texture/scene.
  8. The Notes section included with each page of the Canva template contains detailed instructions to help you navigate usage. If you don’t find a solution to your problem in the notes, please reach out and email me with your problem to so that I can advise accordingly or help you trouble shoot.

Mockups included

This Trifold Pamphlet Mockup set for Canva contains the 24 individual mockups outlined below.


  • Mockups 1-4: vertical standing (front view)
  • Mockups 5-11: vertical flat (top view)
  • Mockup 12: vertical floating (front view)


  • Mockups 13+14: horizontal standing (front view)
  • Mockups 15-10: horizontal flat (top view)
  • Mockups 21-23: horizontal floating (front view)
  • Mockup 24: horizontal floating (top view)

Pages 27-34 contains pre-made mockup scenes that are ready to use right away.

Trifold Pamphlet Mockup Set for Canva – product summary

  • PDF document containing Canva access link.
  • Objects are transparent PNGs with separate, editable shadows.
  • 300dpi, actual size, great quality for print.
  • Clip your designs into the frames.
  • Click on frames to change the surface colour.
  • Double-click frames to resize or rotate your design.
  • Resize, rotate, layer objects as needed.
  • Display your patterns or designs professionally.
  • Includes usage and license terms.

Pre-made mockup examples shown in the ‘after’ display graphics are not included unless indicated otherwise. Does not include sample patterns and designs. No Photoshop files are included.

Product specs

Format: PDF containing Canva template link.
Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px
DPI: 300
Colours: edit colors of all visible surfaces.
Overlay design: yes
Clip frame for design: yes
File type: Canva template
Moveable objects: yes
Layered: yes
Requirements: Canva free or Pro, desktop version
Artwork area: US letter

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