4 Vintage-style Christmas Card Mockups for Canva


If you’re thinking of buying some of my stationery mockups but aren’t sure how they work, or if they’ll work the way you want them to, these 4 vintage-style Christmas card mockups for Canva will give you a sample of the functionality of this category of my mockups.

This is a quick and easy way to display your Christmas greeting cards, wall art, invitations, thank you cards, vouchers, or envelope liners.

These 4 mockups are pre-styled and include all props so are ready to go. The background textures are free Canva images but they can be changed for your own background photos or textures. Just add your card designs and download.

The design size is 3000 x 2000 px (perfect 3:2 ratio for your shop images), and accommodates an A6 (5×7 in) card size in vertical format.

The Christmas props are my own high-quality photographed objects. They are locked but can be unlocked and individually moved around or swapped out with the props on the different pages. The stationery items feature clip frames for quick and easy drag and drop of your designs straight onto the card or envelope surfaces. Stationery items can also be moved and repositioned as needed.

The shadow overlays are custom-created (you won’t find them anywhere else) and need to be moved out of the way before you add your designs. They are constructed in a way that won’t allow them to clip into your frames. Just put them back in place once you’ve added your designs to the frames.

IMPORTANT: This mockup bundle is for displaying your stationery designs for sale or in your portfolio. You are NOT permitted to resell the mockups themselves in any format. You are not permitted to copy any part of them into new Canva templates for resale either. This is a digital product. No physical product is supplied.

Pre-made mockup examples shown in the ‘After’ graphics are not included. No Photoshop mockups are included.

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What can you use this product for?

Use these mockups to display your Christmas-themed greeting card designs, but they can also be used to display the following:

  • Invitations
  • Thank you cards
  • RSVP cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Announcement cards
  • Gift cards
  • Vouchers
  • Flyers
  • Notepads
  • Mini Art prints
  • Envelope liners
  • Handmade envelopes
  • Printed envelopes

Basically anything you would print as an A6 (5×7) card, or onto an envelope.

As already mentioned, the props in this mockup are all locked but moveable when unlocked. Just duplicate the pages to create additional layouts to suit your exact printables before you rearrange them.

The whole purpose of using a mockup up like this is to save printing out your designs, which will save you money. Plus no camera set-up time or editing of images.

Once your mockups are ready, just download and share them. PNG files are best for online use. JPG or PDF files are best for printing.

How to use these 4 Vintage-style Christmas Card Mockups for Canva

Once you download the User PDF, navigate to the last page where you’ll find the license details and also the link to access your Christmas card mockups. The link will take you to a Canva template containing the 4 mockups.

As with all my mockups, the first step is to make sure you have your designs uploaded to Canva in JPG or PNG format. Then open the mockup you want to use, duplicate it to use; or import it into your new blank Canva design, and drag your JPG/PNG designs straight into the custom-created container frames. Your design will look like it’s been printed onto the card/envelope surfaces. Just like it would in a Photoshop mockup.

Note: Importing into a new file is better if your design is a different size from the original mockup file because it will also import locked objects. If you want to copy and paste the mockups into new designs then you’ll need to unlock all the objects first.

To import your designs just have your new blank design ready, then in your Canva sidebar, scroll to your Projects tab, and navigate your projects to find this mockup set. Click on it to see all the pages in the sidebar, then click on the mockup you want to add to your new design and it’ll drop right onto your page with all elements intact. If needed, you can enlarge or reduce it to better fit your design space.

Drop shadows can be edited by clicking on the shadow section of a stationery object and adjusting the tint, blur and/or opacity. Christmas prop objects have drop shadows attached to make things simpler. See detailed user instructions included in the Notes section of each page of the Canva template for additional info.

Mockups included

This Styled Christmas Card Mockup set for Canva contains the 16 individual mockup layouts shown in the product display images. It also includes individual stationery objects, 24 prop objects, and 6 background textures. Here’s what’s on each of the template pages.

  • Page 1: Cover page (read product notes).
  • Page 2: Mockup 1 | with lantern and paper tree
  • Page 3: Mockup 2 | with star and pine cone
  • Page 4: Mockup 3 | with nut cracker and mini decorated tree
  • Page 5: Mockup 4 | with toy violin and bottlebrush Christmas tree

4 Vintage-style Christmas Card Mockups for Canva – Product Summary

  • PDF document containing Canva access link.
  • Objects are transparent PNGs with separate, editable shadows.
  • 300dpi, actual size, great quality for print.
  • clip your card or envelope designs into the frames.
  • click on frames to change the surface colour.
  • double-click frames to change design size.
  • resize, move and layer as needed.
  • display your stationery designs professionally.
  • includes usage and license terms.

Pre-made mockup examples shown in the display graphics are not included.
No Photoshop mockups are included.

Product specs

Format: PDF containing Canva template link.
Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px (3:2)
DPI: 300
Colours: edit colors of all visible surfaces.
Overlay design: yes
Clip frame for design: yes
File type: Canva template
Moveable objects: yes
Layered: yes
Requirements: Canva free or Pro
Artwork area: A6 (5×7).

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If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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