Canva Halloween Mockups for Printables


Showcase your seriously spooky art and designs with this set of 8 high quality, editable Canva Halloween Mockups for Printables. They work like Photoshop!

This bundle includes 8 individual mockups, sized at 3000 x 2000px, perfect for your Etsy shop carousel images. Each realistic mockup scene features custom Canva frames, and a selection of spooky objects from my There Be Witches Scene Creator Bundle. These mockups are entirely different from most others commonly used online so will help your products stand out in the sea of cyber sameness.

They are also entirely editable, which means you can unlock the individual objects and move them around to create new layouts. Each of the mockups is pre-created and ready for you to use straight away. It takes seconds to add your designs, download (JPG or PNG format is best), and upload to your shop to get your buyers excited to buy your printables.

Although these mockups can be used on a mobile device, they are much easier to work with in Canva’s desktop application.

Pre-made mockup examples shown in the display graphics are not included.

What can you use this product for?

Before creating this mockup bundle, I researched the top-selling printables and used my findings as a guideline for this set. Whether you’re a Canva beginner or a Canva pro, you’ll be able to make good use of this bundle to showcase your work.

You can use these Canva Halloween Mockups for Printables to display your printable designs and art in your shop to help your buyers imagine how they could use your work when they print it. Each mockup has multiple uses. The 8 mockups in this set cover a wide variety of use including but not limited to: worksheets, colouring pages, planner and journal sheets, painted art, framed art, greeting cards, invitations, flyers, posters, gift tags, flags, fabrics, apparel, surface patterns, word art, etc.

You are not permitted to resell the mockups in any form. They are specifically for you to display your own designs for sale in your shop or social feeds.

How to use these Canva Halloween Mockups for Printables

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, open the user PDF and navigate to the last page where you’ll find the license details and also the link to access your Canva Halloween Mockups. The link will take you to a Canva template containing all 8 mockups, each on it’s own page. Leave the home page intact so you can find the template easily in your folders.

Each mockup features a custom Canva frame as the focal point and includes supporting Halloween props in a realistic setting. The props are all individual objects (some are grouped together) and are locked together for ease of use. Some objects have attached shadows, some have separate shadows.

If you want to unlock the objects to move them around and create new layouts, remember to duplicate the mockup first in case you want to revert to the original design. If you accidentally forget to duplicate the mockup, you can access the original template by downloading it again from the supplied PDF.

IMPORTANT: Please read the page notes included in the Canva template for individual instructions on each of the mockups. 

To use any of the mockups, all you need to do is drag and drop your JPG or PNG (not transparent is best) design straight into the custom-created clip frames. Underling shadows and lines of objects will remain visible, just like in Photoshop. You can edit the transparency of the frames after you’ve added your designs to make your image darker or lighter, depending on how dark or light your design is. Drop shadows are separate objects that can also be edited. See the PDF user guide for more detailed info and make sure you read the page notes in the Canva template.

Note to advanced Canva users
Individual objects can be unlocked and colour edited using Canva’s Duotone or ColourMix affects if you want to change them to suit your specific palette. Remember to lock them again to avoid accidental shifting while you’re adding your designs.

You might also want to add shadow overlays to your mockups to give them an extra creepy feel. Canva’s elements library has loads of ‘tree shadows’ you can use for this. Add the shadow overlay you want to use, reduce the transparency, then lock it in place so that it doesn’t replace your background.

Once you’ve added all your designs, you can use the mockups as-is, or you can change the background colour, add your own backgrounds, or use the ones supplied. If you want additional props, you can add your own or find more in my There Be Witches Scene Creator Bundle to further customize and add interest to your designs.

Mockups included

The following 8 Canva mockups are included:

Mockup 1: loose sheets
This mockup is great for colouring pages, worksheets, journal sheets, planner pages, or even art prints. Best for vertical designs, though you could add horizontal ones and just rotate and reposition the frames. The mockup consists of 3 loose sheets, one of them is floating above the others. They are placed on a wooden desk surrounded by orange fabric, pumpkins and pinecones for a fall feel.

Mockup 2: poster designs
Display your poster, flyer, or art designs using this mockup featuring a blank sheet of card on a shelf, leaning against a wall, alongside a deer skull, potion bottle, abalone shell with smoky smudge, and a wooden pentagram. Spoooky!

Mockup 3: framed wall art
Display your art, photo, or design in a simple picture frame on a shelf, accompanied by a broomstick, candle, poppet, and spell book, underneath a string of creepy fairy lights. The inner and outer edges of the picture frame are colour-editable with one click so you can match them to your printable art.

Mockup 4: tote bag
The perfect mockup to display your trick-or-treat designs or art, or halloween-themed word art or surface patterns. Surrounded by a deer skull, pumpkins, a black candle, and spilling trick-or-treat candy onto a dark wooden surface, your designs will have the perfect Halloween aesthetic. The underlying creases of the bag remain visible after you’ve added your design to the frame – just like in Photoshop. The bag handles are colour editable so you can match them to your bag colour.

Mockup 5: gift tag
There are so many uses for this mockup including a gift tag, thank you tag, product tag, clothing tag, announcement, greeting or mini invitation. The tag is placed on top of a magical book, surrounded by weird objects including a tree skeleton, tea cup containing a bird skull, a green beetle and a black star. The tag string and eyelet is a separate object.

Mockup 6: card with envelope
Designs like greeting cards, invitations, spooky flyers, creepy art or even recipes or spells will work well with this vertical mockup. The gilded spell book, dead rose, black candle and wasp nest add to the eerie feeling of this design, while the feather quill and witch hand remind the viewer that it’s a real scene. The envelope is grouped in 2 pieces (back and flap) and each is separately colour-editable with a single click.

Mockup 7: pennant flags
This is not a mockup that I would have thought of creating for Halloween. But it is one of the most popular printable formats selling online. Every Halloween party needs a string of spooky flags hanging on the wall. Right? The flags in this mockup haven’t been hung yet. They’re lying on a stone surface in front of a smoking cauldron and an array of other witchy artifacts and creatures. It’s a great mockup to showcase a set of designs, watercolour elements, creepy quotes, or surface pattern designs. The 3 flags are separate and can be duplicated if you want more in your layout.

Mockup 8: the trusty tee
What’s halloween without some scary apparel? Showcase your t-shirt art and designs using this mockup. The shirt creases remain visible through your design. The inner collar and tag are colour-editable to match your art. Drag and drop your design into the frame or change the colour of the frame and overlay your vector or word art onto the shirt surface. My favourite object in this mockup is the black cat being entertained by the skink. The witch hand in the bottom left, holding a wand, is about to transform the blank shirt into your amazing design as soon as you drop it into the frame!

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Canva Halloween Mockups for Printables – product summary

  • ZIP file containing PDF document with Canva access link.
  • Prop objects are transparent PNGs with separate, editable shadows.
  • Images are 300dpi, actual size, great quality for print.
  • clip your brand designs into the custom frames, or
  • click on frames to change the surface colour.
  • move and rearrange objects to create new layouts.
  • display your patterns or designs professionally.
  • Includes usage and license terms.

Pre-made mockup examples shown in the display graphics are not included.
No Photoshop mockups are included.

Product specs

Format: ZIP file with PDF containing Canva template link.
Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px
DPI: 300
Colours: edit colors of all frame surfaces.
Overlay design: yes
Clip frames for design: yes
File type: Canva template
Moveable objects: yes
Layered: yes
Requirements: Canva free or Pro

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