Paint me Bright Nail Varnish PNG objects


These 4 Paint Me Bright Nail Varnish PNG Objects will add a pop of fun and color to your brand graphics or social feed. Overlay focus words, logos or drawings onto their surface, stack them, line them up, and create flatlay designs. Change their tint or hue in Canva (or whichever program you’re using) for additional colours that will match your design or brand.

How to use these PNG objects

Once you’ve unzipped the download file, just save the object folder in a safe place on your computer (or mobile device) where you can find it easily. Then just drag and drop the objects onto your design artboard or into your document. Enlarge or reduce them, duplicate or rotate them to create your design.

Each transparent PNG element is high resolution at real size (300dpi) so will print well. They come with separate drop shadows in 2 views: top view (for flatlay), and front view (for standing). Increase the shadow opacity (transparency) for lighter backgrounds or keep them dark for darker backgrounds. To darken them further or make them black, just decrease brightness and saturation.

This Paint Me Bright Nail Varnish PNG ObjectsBundle includes the following objects:

  • 4 nail varnish PNG objects
  • 4 top-view drop shadows
  • 4 front-view drop shadows.

These are original photos taken of my own bottles so you won’t find the exact same ones anywhere else.

Paint me Bright Nail Varnish PNG Objects – summary

  • 1 x ZIP file containing files.
  • Print quality PNGs are 300dpi.
  • resize, flip, rotate, duplicate as needed.
  • change tint, hue or saturation to suite your palette.
  • add some pop to your designs.
  • Includes usage and license terms.

Format: ZIP file
Vector: no
File type: PNGs x 12
Resolution: 300dpi
Can be layered: yes
Compatible: Any PNG-supporting program or app

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