84 Colour Swatch Cards – Canva Template


Use this 84 Colour Swatch Cards Canva Template to create your own colour swatches so that your printed projects are colour correct.

This bundle contains the following items:

(1) A ready-to-print PDF of all 84 swatches (12 per page x 7) that you can print out straight away or send to your printing company.

(2) A PDF user guide containing helpful info, and a link to the editable Canva template of the swatches so you can create your own versions.


Using a colour swatch for printing will help you be a better designer.

If you’re sending printed designs to your printer and the colours aren’t coming out as expected, using a printed colour swatch to match your design colours will solve this problem and ensure the correct colours display when you print your work.

Here’s why …

Colours on your screen are configured to the RGB (red, green, blue) colour profile (using HEX codes). Printing machines are configured to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) colour. When you send an RGB print file to your printer, it will convert it to CMYK colour. There are 16 million RGB colours but only about 16 thousand CMYK colours. This means that many of the colours in your designs won’t print correctly.

Take note that the colours will probably look different on-screen. This is normal. Everyone’s screen shows colours differently but print colours are more consistent.

Your clients will love that you take the time to help make sure their brand colours print out correctly.

Read this article on Colour Matching for Canva Designers to learn more about colour in designing.

How to create colour swatches from this product?

Way 1: Send the PDF file to your printing machine or company and print it out. 300gsm white board (or thicker) is best.

Way 2: Open the Canva template, change the colours to your own colour preferences then download as an RGB PDF for print. Then follow Way 1.

Once you have the printed pages, cut them out along the guidelines (as shown in the product slides), punch them at the top, then pin them together to use for matching colours in your Canva designs. A split pin works best, but you could tie them with ribbon too or hang them on a ring.

You are not permitted to resell this template in any form. They are specifically for you to build your own colour swatches to refer to personally or in your business.

How to use these 84 Colour Swatch Cards – Canva Template

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, open the user PDF and navigate to the end of page 2 where you’ll find the link to access your Canva Swatch Cards template. The link will take you to a Canva template containing 9 pages as follows:

page 1: cover page
page 2: usage notes
page 3: 12 red colour cards
page 4: 12 orange colour cards
page 5: 12 yellow colour cards
page 6: 12 green colour cards
page 7: 12 blue colour cards
page 8: 12 purple colour cards
page 9: 12 pink colour cards

Leave the cover page intact so you can find the template easily in your folders. Each of the pages has additional page notes to help you use the template.

Once you’ve printed out, cut and connected your colour swatch cards, use them to refer to when you’re building brand palettes for yourself or your clients. Swivel out the swatch card colours you want to use in your design from the stack of pinned cards to see how they look together. See banner image as a reference.

84 Colour Swatch Cards – Canva Template – product summary

  • ZIP file containing printable PDF and PDF document with Canva access link.
  • Swatch colour blocks can be edited to your own colours.
  • Click on blocks to change their colours.
  • Edit colour codes to match your colours.
  • Print and use to match design colours.
  • Includes usage and license terms.

The pre-made printed swatch is not included.

Product specs

Format: ZIP file with PDF containing Canva template link.
Dimensions: A4 size
DPI: 300
Colours: edit colors of all blocks.
Editable text: yes – free font (Montserrat)
File type: Canva template
Moveable objects: yes
Requirements: Canva free or Pro

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